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Website Maintenance checklist & its Importance in 2022

You must have invested enough time and money in creating your company’s website? So, you must be aware of the fact that websites don’t work on their own. It needs regular maintenance.

Website maintenance is important not just for your business, but for customers as well.

In this article, let’s just understand what website maintenance is, why it is important and what points we all need to keep in mind.

What is Website Maintenance? 

In simple words, website maintenance is a process of analyzing a website and checking how it performs, if users engage on the website, and how it encourages organic traffic growth. When we talk about website maintenance, it is essential to understand that the entire process includes attracting, engaging and retaining an audience on the website without any bounce rate.

So, if your current agency doesn’t offer any website maintenance services, then you can get in touch with the experts of iCW Technologies to keep your website running and performing well.

Why is Website Maintenance Important? 

Website is the first thing your customers look for and understand your business, its products or services. Therefore, website maintenance is important so that your customers visit again and again.

What reasons are there to maintain your website? Let’s take a look!

1. Customer Satisfaction 

Whenever you visit your website, what do you think from a customer standpoint? Whether there is low speed, some broken links or not so responsive websites, every issue can leave a negative experience for your audience or existing customers. Website maintenance is important to keep your audience and customers happy and give them a memorable experience on your website. It will persuade them to come again and again to your website to look out for more.

2. Helps in SEO 

If your website is responsive, has good content quality, keyword inclusion, and is well-optimized then your website can clearly rank on search engines without much struggle. No doubt, SEO is a time-consuming and effort-based process but its results are incredible in the long run.

You just have to make sure your website is well-optimized, has a good number of traffic, all features function properly, etc. to stay relevant and on the top.

3. Improves Security 

With every website maintenance service, you’ll be able to improve the website’s security, especially when it comes to sensitive information. Keeping your customers’ data and information safe on your website should be the topmost priority. And, web maintenance involves regular checks which update security patches and software to make your website safe and secure. If your contract with your current agency is over, either renew it or just hire a new agency for web maintenance services but don’t overlook your website’s security issue.

Website Maintenance Checklist

Take a look at all the web maintenance things you need to do every month.

1. Check Broken Links 

Broken links are extremely annoying for website visitors, in case you don’t know. It will not only hamper your organic traffic growth but leads as well. If search engine bots cannot find links to your pages, then it will also affect your rankings.

Major reasons that cause broken links:

2.  Updating Plugins and CMS 

Your CMS, i.e., content management system should be updated every month along with plugins. There are some vulnerabilities and defects in the CMS and plugins that can provide easy access to website hackers. Therefore, to keep your website safe and secure, you have to update your CMS and plugins every month without any lag.

3. General Fixes 

Your website maintenance checklist must include a list of general issues and problems. They are:

4. Search Console Review 

Web maintenance services majorly include search console reviews. It is beneficial in understanding the potential issues well in advance. Google search console review is also important to see if any issue is affecting the marketing activities of your business. With the help of this tool, you can identify where the issue is (malware issue, page index issue, etc.) and notify you instantly. Make sure your current agency is taking Google search console review seriously and resolving all the issues as soon as possible.

5. Analytics Review 

To measure the performance of your website and identify the problems, reviewing analytics is the best way. Reviewing analytics is beneficial in gauging the organic web traffic, traffic trends, engagement metrics, bounce rate, etc. To understand the audience on your website, it is crucial to gain insights and create content accordingly.


We know website maintenance service might not be your topmost priority right now. However, you should know why website maintenance is important and how you can do it with the help of an agency. You can do the website maintenance task by yourself but hiring a professional agency is an ideal choice. Why? Well, the reason is simple and clear. They are professionals, experts and skilled enough to fix the errors without making any mess.

iCW Technologies is one such top-notch web development company that provides fast and cost-effective web maintenance services that fit within your budget. Just contact them and take care of your business website!

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