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Tips to Boost your LinkedIn Marketing Game

LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms for professionals to connect and tap into the stream of B2B marketers. 

If you are not on LinkedIn, then you are not utilizing the power and potential of LinkedIn for your business. It is time to think and reconsider your decision. 

Undeniably, LinkedIn marketing can do wonders for your business as well as personal branding. 

Let’s closely look at the best ways to improve your LinkedIn marketing

Why LinkedIn Marketing? 

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Are you thinking why LinkedIn in the first place? Well, we understand you want to see results when you’re putting in your precious time, effort and money. Take a look at some of the advantages of LinkedIn marketing to understand ‘why’ you need to include it in your digital marketing strategy. 

LinkedIn is beneficial in customer acquisition for almost 45% of marketers. 

LinkedIn is 277% effective in generating potential leads for business as compared to Facebook. 

For B2B leads, LinkedIn is an ideal platform. LinkedIn accounts for 80% of lead generation. 

91% of executives choose LinkedIn for professional yet relevant content.

So, these are some of the reasons you must focus on LinkedIn marketing to give a boost to your business. 

Important Tips to Boost your LinkedIn Marketing Efforts 

The most important part of LinkedIn marketing is to understand how to market on this platform. In case you are planning to build your LinkedIn marketing strategy from scratch, you must take inspiration from the below listed important tips. 

1. Profile Optimization 

Whether you are marketing your brand page or your personal profile, you have to make improvements in your profile to increase the chances of getting noticed by people or the target audience specifically. 

A high-quality resolution profile picture/logo, cover image related to your brand/niche and information about the company/person in little detail to make it more authentic for the audience. 

If you have all these things in place, then the chances of getting connection requests or followers will increase automatically. If you are setting up a new LinkedIn profile, then you must do this as an initial and important step for proper LinkedIn marketing. 

2. Publish Valuable Content 

LinkedIn is not about publishing promotional or salesy content. You have to add value to your content, which means putting the audience’s preferences and informational needs first. 

Create, publish and share your content that has some purpose to solve. Whether you educate them, inspire them, guide them or entertain them. Just do it and increase your chances of getting noticed. Engage with your audience and build a healthy connection with them through your published content. 

P.S. Even if it’s third-party content, you can share it on LinkedIn if it’s directly related to your industry. 

3. Employees Involvement 

LinkedIn is all about connections and building professional relationships. And, for a brand, every single employee plays an important role in broadening your brand’s reach and network amongst the audience. So, go make your employees get involved in your LinkedIn marketing strategy

Encourage them to add the company’s name in their LinkedIn profiles and share it with your connections. It will help the company in getting featured, accomplishments, etc. To expand the reach of your LinkedIn profile, you must motivate your employees and organize some fun activities frequently so that they engage and share with their connections. 

4. Personalized InMail 

Do you know LinkedIn InMail gets three times more responses than regular emails? Well, now you must know what you need to do. Consider sending out personalized InMail to prospects or influential personalities. InMail directly lands in their inbox, which is more personal and chances are high of getting noticed! 

You can promote your products/services through a personalized InMail strategy, especially to highly relevant prospects. However, you should know that this feature is only available to Individual Premium accounts. You cannot do it through your company’s page, which means you need to find someone from your organization who is an expert in sending out personalized, click-worthy mails. 

5. Run Ads 

Here is another amazing LinkedIn feature that you can use to improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy, i.e., Ads. The matched audience feature of LinkedIn ads is one of the great features that you can use to retarget the same audience who visited your website, your email contacts and currently existing followers. 

If these people are following you or your brand, then they must have some familiarity. Therefore, the chances of converting them into potential customers are likely to be high. But please remember, you have to do it all gently and gradually to make them realize that you or your brand exists. 

6. Integrate Appealing Elements 

You don’t have to confine your creativity and innovation on LinkedIn just because it is a professional networking platform. You are allowed to be creative and innovative to add appealing elements to your photos and videos. 

If your content is great, images are attention-grabbing, then you will surely capture the audiences’ attention. To rev up your LinkedIn profile reach and engagement, you can add custom images. Another great way is to LIVE VIDEO. It is beneficial in gaining a 25 times higher engagement rate on LinkedIn. 

Therefore, you must try media resources in your LinkedIn marketing strategy to create a bigger impact on the LinkedIn audience. 

7. Analytics Data 

LinkedIn analytics allows you to check how your posts are

performing. You can check the performance of your posts on a daily basis and optimize it in case of any modifications. 

If you are not researching enough on LinkedIn, then chances are all your marketing efforts would go to waste. You must know how your posts are performing after checking and analyzing the insights section. You can even compare your posts like how organic ones are performing and how paid ones. It will be beneficial in understanding and assessing the efforts and investments you’re making in LinkedIn marketing. 


Now, you must be convinced enough that LinkedIn is a powerful platform for both personal branding and organizations. The above-mentioned points will help you in mapping out the strategies for your LinkedIn marketing. 

To master the LinkedIn marketing for your brand, you can get in touch with our team of LinkedIn experts who will help you in reaching out to the right audience and expand your reach as well as engagement. 

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