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How to create thumb-stopping Social Media Content? 3 tips you must know!

There is so much content available on social media. Visitors usually make a quick decision whether to stop and engage, or junk it and simply scroll down. This means the content creators have to focus on curating content for social media ‘creatively.’ Only then, you can grab the attention of the viewers on social media.

How to create thumb-stopping content for social media?

Let’s check out how you can engage your audience with thumb-stopping content for exceptional social media marketing and engagement.

·    There are different social media channels and 90% of viewers access them on their mobile devices. So, whatever content you plan for social media, be it in designing or videography make sure it is mobile-friendly.

·    The message should be limited & integrated with a Call-to-Action (CTA). As screens are small, a simple and clear message is essential. Different brands try to be creative in crucial messaging as well. However, it is not at all important. What you need to work on is the combination i.e., One Key Message & Call-to-Action.

·   Push your limits, create your own style, be consistent and creative enough to grab the attention. You definitely don’t want to be someone who’s overloading people’s feed with irrelevant content, right? Well, there are different ways to do it. Just try new features (Instagram, Facebook etc.), more photographs, or just one color palette for a strong brand identity.

·    These days, video content receives 10 times more engagement than those without video. Social media marketing in 2021 is all about video content, motion, VFX art, etc. Give a break to your audience with that mindless social media scrolling and provide them with the great, thumb-stopping content they are looking for!

Do you know the average person scrolls through 300 ft. of content in just a single day? Well, it is a huge number! And, when you know there is so much competition out there, you have to make sure the content is impeccable and stand out from competitors.

How can you differentiate your brand from others? Follow the below listed 3 tips to creating thumb-stopping content for social media marketing.

Tip 1 – The Power of Storytelling

There is a fraction of a second to grab the attention of your audience, right? Therefore, creating thumb-stopping content has become a necessity nowadays.

One of the great tips that will help you connect and engage with your audience is Storytelling. Yep, if it is strategically and creatively planned, the storytelling method is the right way to build strong and meaningful connections with your audience. Most importantly, storytelling has a power that connects the audience automatically and thus, they become your valuable asset.

So, whenever you think of creating thumb-stopping content, always remember how your brand can utilize the power of ‘Storytelling.’

Tip 2 – Content as per Target Audience

It is important to use the right message that targets your audience. Moreover, targeting the right demographic is equally vital in creating thumb-stopping content.

So, the combination of the right message and the right demographic will help your brand stay relevant while accomplishing the best possible results.

Tip 3 – Beautiful Creative & Great Copy

As mentioned above, you have to put in great efforts to be ‘Creative’ in content creation that will help increase audience engagement on your social media platforms. This way, your audience won’t miss the message that you are willing to share.

Social media marketing is not just about posting a creative with a caption. It is more about outstanding content for even the most ordinary products/services so that you can share what your audience is interested in.

Pro tip – Always remember, holding the attention of your audience is the big win, not just the views.

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