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Content – An Effective Strategy of your Sales Funnel

Even if the search rankings are high and there’s a lot of traffic on your website, if your content strategy is not effective it may never bring sales. Yes, unless you go an extra mile creating innovative content and processes into the sales funnel. 

Do you want to know how you can go the extra mile integrating effective content strategy into your sales funnel? Well, here is the step by step guide that will help you to create content that will bring prospects to your sales funnel. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

  1. Problem-Solution Content 

If your content is based on problem solution format, then there is nothing more effective than this structure. Content structure matters a lot and it’s obviously one of the best ways to boost conversions. 

When your content is based on what people are asking, what they are searching online, what they are experiencing, which keywords they are using, etc. then you will draw the attention of your visitors. 

Whenever you are planning to create an effective content strategy to convert your prospects into customers, remember that the content structure should include problem-solution format. How can you do that? Just break your content into logical sections asking questions and providing them with a relevant and trustworthy solution. Only then the visitors will trust your brand and buy the products/services you are offering. 

If you want to know what people are asking online, then you can go to Google’s People Also Ask section to find the problems and address them with solutions in your content. 

  1. Combination of Keyword & Product Information 

So, the content you are generating must be created around the product you are selling and proper keyword research. You must know which problems you’re addressing with your product selling, and how customers are searching for the related products online. Only then you can get high rankings on search engines and convert leads into potential customers. 

The keyword must be relevant to your product or brand offerings because it is worth pursuing for. Otherwise, you will only be able to drive traffic, but not sales. Therefore, think, research, analyze and then create content strategy to bring prospects to your sales funnel. 

  1. Creative CTAs 

You might be aware of the Call-to-action (CTA) thing already, and how powerful it is when creating content strategy. If you are getting creative with your content strategy, then you must think about the CTAs as well. 

The only way to drive your visitors to the landing page is through call-to-actions that match the intent. Below mentioned are some of the call-to-action strategies that you can integrate into your content. 

> Discount coupons/Promotional offers/deals 

> Sign up for a newsletter 

> Customized CTAs as per content intent 

> Product/Service Lists 

> Conversational CTAs, etc. 

 Just integrate CTAs into your content to drive traffic and get potential customers in your sales funnel. 

  1. Innovative Videos 

Create more videos to make the most of your content and get your prospects into your sales funnel. Do you know almost 47% of buyers prefer to engage with a brand through video content? The best way a brand can make their products more findable is through YouTube videos and carousels on Google along with other platforms. 

With the help of video content, you can acquire new customers and get more sales. If you are working on any blog or article, just try if you can create videos rather than text. 

  1. Content Optimization 

Content optimization is extremely important. When you are aware about the search intentions, i.e., what people are searching on the internet, your page must provide that opportunity to the visitors. 

Simply, it is key to convert your visitors into potential buyers. However, you have to make sure the copy or content must be well-written and well-structured. 

You can use different intent optimization tools through which you can match your content with visitors’ searches, and then create content with a creative CTA to drive traffic into action. 

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