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8 Social Media Facts and How We Can Help

Are you handling any social media marketing accounts currently? If yes, then you must be aware of how powerful social media platforms are in terms of marketing. From providing brand information, building relationships with customers to a brand’s online reputation, social media channels are beneficial in the growth and success of a business.

Nevertheless, every digital marketer must be aware of the fact that social media is continuously evolving. As a result, it is not easy to keep up with the trends. Some statistics will help in making the right marketing decisions. With this blog post, we will help you in speeding up your social media marketing.

Let’s take a look further!

1. 2.7 Hours Per Day on social media

Every individual nowadays is present on social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Americans spend almost 2 to 3 hours daily on different social media platforms. Hence, it is quite possible that your target audience must be present on social media.

2. 71% of adults are on social media

Nowadays, everyone has easy access to internet. Almost 52% of adults use at least two or more social media platforms. Therefore, we can say that maybe your current and potential customers are there on social media channels. Don’t think about expanding your social media presence, just do it.

3. Facebook – Widely used platform

Among Americans, Facebook is still the most widely used social media networking site compared to other channels. Undoubtedly, Facebook is the best bet if you consider planning for social media promotions and marketing for your brand. Almost 58% of American adults use Facebook regularly, which means you need to make the most of it by integrating the right technique.

4.  Social Commerce revenue – $30 Billion approx.

If you think that social media channels are only for brand awareness and promotions, then you must get your facts right. Social media sites are nowadays generating great business utilizing different social media strategies, including paid ads, organic brand promotions, sharing good quality content, influencer marketing, collaborations with other brands, etc. All these are the tactics that took off the sales on social media platforms over the years.

5. B2B Leads from LinkedIn

Are you a B2B marketer? Are you on LinkedIn?

If you are not, you must consider this platform for generating B2B leads for your business. It is a known fact that 4 out of 5 B2B leads usually come from LinkedIn, making it an easy choice for businesses to opt for LinkedIn and other social media platforms to test digital marketing.

Therefore, go for LinkedIn if you want to generate potential B2B leads for your business from social media platforms.

6. Drive traffic through YouTube

When it comes to social media platforms, we all know we can think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, but how about YouTube?

Many marketers don’t consider YouTube as a social site for driving quality traffic compared to other networking sites. However, you can drive more engaged and potential traffic from YouTube than any other social media channel. With YouTube marketing strategies, marketers can get quality over quantity from quality traffic, lower bounce rates to high referral traffic.

7. 26% of Businesses utilize social media marketing

Despite numerous advantages of social media marketing, companies, start-ups, and businesses don’t take social media seriously! In fact, only 26% to 30% of companies integrate social media marketing plans into their marketing strategies.

Of course, it is hard to believe how so many businesses are missing out on the huge benefits social media offers. In case you are planning to invest in social media marketing for your business growth, here is good news for you! A solid social media strategy can put you 74% ahead of your competitors, which is enough for your growth, brand building, and social media promotions across channels.


To sum it all up, social media is a part of our everyday lives now. You can’t even think of spending your day without social media channels, even if you are just scrolling! It is not an option anymore; it is necessary to leverage this tool in marketing plans and make the most out of it.

For B2C companies, you can go for Instagram marketing and Facebook marketing. For B2B businesses, you must go for LinkedIn. These social sites will help you make informed decisions about your marketing strategies and understand your audience’s requirements after one-to-one interaction. Thus, beneficial in overall growth!

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