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5 Instagram Hacks you should know about

Instagram has become one of the popular social networking platforms and, thereby, a popular platform for marketing and branding too.

Almost 80% of Instagram users purchase from the platform if they discover something worth buying. Moreover, there are 60% active Instagram users that visit daily.

For those who are still new on Instagram and looking for some great hacks and tips, here’s a combined list!

1. Creative Insta Bio

Do you know you can add special fonts to your Instagram bio? Yep, you can make your Instagram account look stand out with special fonts (tricks for better Instagram marketing). You just need to use a couple of third-party websites. Now, you can copy some special fonts whether you are accessing the website through a mobile device or desktop.

For mobile, you can try this third-party website LingoJam. For desktop, you can try Font Space to download and copy into your bio within seconds.

2. Enhance your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the trending features of Instagram that allows you to post photos and only last 24 hours. It is a great feature that helps users discover the same niche profiles through the homepage.

But Instagram stories have become quite creative over a period of time. You can use some pretty filters, type mode with five fonts to choose from, GIFs, Music, and what not to make your stories interesting and engaging for your audience.

And, if you want your stories to last more than 24 hours, you can create ‘Stories Highlights.’ This another great feature of Instagram allows its users to save stories together in the same page and create a highlight! The best part? You can name it as per your wish! 😉

3. Re-post Content on your Instagram Story

For days when you don’t have anything to post on your Instagram story, you can just re-post some inspiring posts from someone else’s profile. Of course, it should be worth sharing with your audience. Instagram marketing is not just about posting a picture or a creative! You have to stand out from your audience in this competitive marketplace with outstanding content. 

Be it a quote, the latest trend, or important news/message, and you can re-post anything from your Instagram story along with editing as per your preferences. 😊

4. Focus on Video Content

If you are looking for engagement on your brand/business page on Instagram, you must focus on video content. 2021 is all about Video content and video marketing, which increases engagement on Instagram significantly.

IGTV & Insta Reels are just for those users who love to play with video content. The only difference between the two is that- On IGTV, you can upload a video of more than 60 seconds, and, on Insta Reels, you can upload a short video of less than 60 seconds.

Both are trending on Instagram, especially reels. Start making videos, be it IGTV or Insta Reels; remember, it must be creatively crafted for your target audience.

5. Link In Bio

Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links/URLs, except the one in your BIO. Of course, it is painstaking for the users to copy the link on a web browser and then access it if it is mentioned in the caption.

However, there is one sneaky way to engage your audience and drive traffic to an external website. What is it? PHOTO CAPTIONS. It is one of the best ways to encourage the audience on your page to visit the profile and then the link for more updates. And, where can you use that link? Use the link in bio and write it in your photo caption- LINK IN BIO to redirect the user.

Adding to it, if you are a verified user of Instagram, you can use links in your stories as well.


Lastly, Instagram is one of the most fun, interesting, and engaging social media platforms these days, both for the users and the marketers. There are great features on Instagram that help brands to build their presence and connect with their audience every day.

Remember the right hacks and tricks to use Instagram efficiently and get discovered.

And, do let us know if this Instagram marketing approach is helpful for your brand presence? 

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